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Foreign-language content can be difficult for disabled people to understand. This is especially the case if such content is output by the text-to-speech software with the incorrect pronunciation.

1Foreign-language contentThe content should be displayed in the language of the user.

Note 1: This does not apply to technical terms in foreign languages as long as it may be assumed that the users can understand them.

Note 2: If the application is used by users who are from different language areas, the application should offer the possibility for changing the language. All content should then be displayed in the selected language.

SollEN 301 549:


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2Application languageThe application language must be communicated to the Accessibility API

Note 1: In the case of Desktop software, the application language can also be communicated to the Accessibility API through the platform.

Note 2: With Web applications, the language must be communicated using the lang attribute on theelement.

MustEN 301 549:
3Web: Foreign-language contentThe change of language within the application must be communicated to the Accessibility API.

Note 1: This does not apply to

  • Proper names,
  • technical terms,
  • Words included in the vocabulary of the application language, and
  • Words whose language cannot be determined.

Note 2: In HTML, the marking of the change of language takes place with the lang attribute.

ShouldWCAG 2.1: 3.1.2 (AA)
4Desktop: Foreign-language contentIf the language of the foreign-language content can be programmatically communicated, this should take place.

Note: This is possible in hybrid applications that use Web

ShouldWCAG 2.1: 3.1.2 (AA)

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