See also: Operability status , focus indicator

Several control elements can have a status, e.g.

Note: Which specific status is possible for which control element is specified by the programming language used.

Note: Specific recommendations on specific status changes for individual elements are described at the respective element.

85ContrastIf the status difference is only conveyed visually with the use of color, the contrast ratio between these colors must be at least 3:1.

Note 1: Alternatively, the status difference can be conveyed as follows:

  • different frame shape,
  • different font style,
  • icons.

Note 2: If different frames or icons are used to convey the status difference, they must have a contrast ratio of at least 3:1 with respect to the background.

MustEN 301 549:,,,
86ContrastRegardless of the status, a contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1 for text and 3:1 for the content of graphics must be maintained.MustEN 301 549:,,,
87Use of the keyboardStatus changes that can be made with a pointing device must also be possible with the use of the keyboard (see Use of the keyboard).MustEN 301 549:,
88StatusThe status of the control element must be communicated to the Accessibility API.MustEN 301 549:,,,
89Status changeThe status change must be possible using the Accessibility API.MustEN 301 549:,,,
90UpdateStatus updates must be communicated to the Accessibility API.MustEN 301 549:,,
91Contrast adjustmentTo ensure that the status of the elements is visible when using contrast adjustment, the status should not only be communicated in color.ShouldEN 301 549: 11.7

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