This document describes the accessibility requirements for Web and Desktop software as well as hybrid applications (which combine Web and Desktop technologies) which operate on the Microsoft Windows platform software and which have an open functionality . The requirements are primarily derived from EN 301 549 (version 3.2.1, sections 9 and 11).

This document does not initially apply to the following software:

  • Software with closed funktionality (Section 5.1 of EN 301 549),
  • Software for two-way voice communication (section 6 of EN 301 549),
  • Software with video functionality (section 7 of EN 301 549),
  • Help authoring tools (section 11.8 of EN 301 549),
  • Software with access to transposition or emergency services (section 13 of EN 301 549),
  • Software that runs on platform software other than Microsoft Windows (such as Unix, Linux, Chrome OS, macOS, iOS, Android),
  • Assistive technology ,
  • Platform software,
  • Apps for mobile devices (such as tablets or smartphones).

In addition, this document does not apply to:

  • Hardware (section 8 of EN 301 549),
  • Documents (section 10 of EN 301 549), even if the documents are interactive (e.g. spreadsheet with macros, PDF with form)

Many of the requirements described here can be transferred to software from other platforms.

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