Synonyme: Scaling, adjusting the font size, zoom

See also: font , text

The following requirements should ensure that the font size can be adjusted to the user preferences without assistive technology.

29ResizingIt must be possible to resize the text of the application by up to 200% without the use of assistive technology. The resizing may not lead to a loss of content or functionality.

Note 1: To do this in desktop applications, the application can offer its own zoom function or support the font size adjustment of the operating system (Settings > System > Display > Scale and layout: advanced scaling settings).

Note 2: For Web applications, the zoom function of the browser should be supported.

Note 3: For superior perceptibility, it should also be possible to resize non-text content.

MussEN 301 549:,
30ResizingIn the case of a screen size with a width of 320 px and a height of 256 px, no loss of content or function may occur. It should only be necessary to scroll content in either the vertical or horizontal direction, and not in both directions. Two-dimensional scrolling is only permitted with elements that are invariably two-dimensional (such as graphics, maps, videos or tables)

Note 1: This requirement should ensure that the content can be resized by up to 400%.

Note 2: When using a zoom ratio of 400%, all the content must be scaled accordingly. This does not apply to content that is already sufficiently large, such as headings. It must be possible to resize these by at least 200%.

Note 3: If text is placed within two-dimensional content, such as tables, a single block of text (in a table cell, for example) must be readable without the need for two-dimensional scrolling.

MustEN 301 549:,

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