Synonyme: Timeout, Time limit

See also: Animations , changes of context , authentication , carousel

Time limits are specified time constraints in which to view content, operate elements or complete tasks. Time limits may occur, for example, if

  • an automatic logout occurs after a certain period of inactivity,
  • a PIN required for authentication is only valid for a certain time,
  • messages are hidden after a certain time,
  • content is updated automatically (e.g. in a carousel),
  • scrolling is displayed.

Presentation and operation

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81Use of the keyboardThe use of the keyboard must be possible without specified time constraints.

Note: The following, for example, is not permitted:

  • having to press a key for a certain time to trigger the associated function,
  • having to press two keys in succession with a certain gap.

MustEN 301 549:,
82AdaptabilityIt must be possible for time limits
  • to be disabled in advance, or
  • to be adjusted in advance (extendible to at least 10-times the time), or
  • to be extendible to at least 10 times the time with a simple action at least 20 seconds before expiry.

Note: This does not apply to time limits

  • which last longer than 20 hours, or
  • which are necessary (e.g. during a test or during real-time events such as an auction).

MustEN 301 549:,
83AvoidTime limits should be avoided.

Note: This does not apply to, e.g. Echtzeitereignisse or videos

ShouldWCAG 2.1: 2.2.3 (AAA)
84InformUsers should be notified in advance of time limits which may lead to a loss of data.

Note: This does not apply to time limits which last longer than 20 hours.

ShouldWCAG 2.1: 2.2.6 (AAA)

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