Synonyms: Form area

See also: Group , error prevention and correction , required field label , authentication , control elements

Forms have the purpose of the input of data. A form contains one or more form elements.

Figure 19: Address input form

Only those requirements that are directly related to the form are described below. Requirements regarding interactive elements within the form are described at the respective element.

340ResizingAll elements of the form must be perceptible and operable with a font size adjustment of up to 400% (and a resulting display width of 320 px), in the sense that they wrap and do not have to be horizontally scrolled.MustEN 301 549:,
341Error preventionThe form must be designed in such a way that errors can be prevented and corrected (also see Error prevention and correction und Required field label).MustEN 301 549: bis, bis
342ComplexityThe form should be clearly designed. The content of complex forms should be grouped programmatically and visually or split into different screens.ShouldDIN EN ISO 9241-125: 5.1.8
343Use of the keyboardIt must be possible to access, operate and exit the interactive elements in the form with the keyboard (see Use of the keyboard table).MustEN 301 549:,,,
344Use of the keyboardFrequently used buttons on the form (e. g. the Submit button) should be accessible by keyboard shortcut

The keyboard shortcuts should be documented in the Help option and application.
ShouldDIN EN ISO 9241-171: 9.3.10
345Navigation sequenceThe navigation sequence in the form must be designed so that the contents can be perceived in a meaningful sequence and the control elements can be accessed according to their task-appropriate processing sequence.

Note: This applies, for example, to the Submit button which must receive the focus at the end of the form.

MustEN 301 549:,
346UpdatesWhen focusing and operating the interactive elements within the form, no unexpected change of context may occur.MustEN 301 549:,,,
347Click areaThe click area of the interactive elements in the form should total at least 24 x 24 px (see Use of the pointing device).ShouldWCAG 2.2
Focusing of the form (first element)TABRequired
Desktop: Quick navigation between form areasF6Recommended
Submitting the formENTERRecommended
348NameIf the form has a visual label, it must be communicated as an Accessible Name.MustEN 301 549:,,
349Desktop: Element hierarchyThe parent / child relationships of the elements within the form must be communicated to the Accessibility API.MustEN 301 549:

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