Synonyms: Manual, documentation, support, help

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22Accessibility featuresThe Help option must identify all the accessibility features of the application and explain how to use them.

Note: The Help option should describe which accessibility features are available, what they are intended for, what they are effective for and how they can be enabled

MustEN 301 549:
23Accessibility featuresThe Support must be able to name the accessibility features documented in the Help and explain how to use them.MustEN 301 549:
24Help dokumentsThe Help documents must be provided in at least one digital, accessible format.

Note 1: If the Help is offered as an accessible Web document, all the requirements in section 9 of EN 301 549 must be taken into account. If the Help is offered as an accessible non-Web document, all the requirements in section 10 of EN 301 549 must be taken into account.

Note 2: This also applies to Help documents that cannot be accessed from within the application but are made available by Support, for example..

MustEN 301 549:
12.1.2, 12.2.4
25SupportThe Support must take account of the communication needs of people with disabilities, either directly or through a mediator.

Note: In this context, the provision of telephone support alone may be considered insufficient, as it is not accessible to people with hearing impairments (2 senses principle).

MustEN 301 549:
26Reference to sensory propertiesInformation in the Help option which relates to the application must not refer exclusively to sensory properties.

Note: Therefore, for example, a button in the application should not be described by its appearance or position, but by its label.

MustEN 301 549:,,
27Error preventionA context-sensitive Help option should be offered.ShouldWCAG 2.1: 3.3.5 (AAA)
28ConsistencyIf the application has a Help or Support option, this can be found in the same location throughout the applicataion.

Note: If the application has multiple Help or Support options, it is considered sufficient when one of these meets the requirement.

ShouldWCAG 2.2
Desktop: Initialize HelpF1Required
Initialize context-specific HelpSHIFT+F1Recommended

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