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The text cursor displays the position in an input field (see DIN EN ISO 9241-161: 8.8). The text cursor is typically displayed by a vertical line at the point at which the text is entered, edited or deleted.

195User preferencesThe application must adopt the text cursor setting from the platform software and/or provide a mode in which this setting is adopted.

Note: If the settings of the platform software are not applied automatically, the corresponding mode must be explained in the information on accessibility.

MustEN 301 549:
11.7, 12.1.1

Use of the keyboard: text cursor

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The change of the focus indicator between the elements is described at the input field and multi-line input field elements. By default, the navigation within the input fields takes place with the arrow keys.

Use of the pointing device: text cursor

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Placing the focusleft clickrequired
196Desktop: PositionThe position of the text cursor must be communicated to the Accessibility API.MustEN 301 549:
197Desktop: OperationIt must be possible to position the text cursor with assistive technology (see using the keyboard).MustEN 301 549:

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